Neo Spiro

starts in 1991

That mean many year of experience in design, developing products and producing. Our desingners and producion lines are flexible. We will adapt to your needs, together creating a product.

For production we can use:

We are doing well with matching the product to the production lines and makeing the design a saleable product.
how do we work?


Everything starts with an idea. We will help you with the project. Just send us a project or photo with a short description. Our team will develope this into a project.
how do we work?

Technology consulting

Not every designer knows the technologies needed to realize his idea, but each designer know how it should look the tiniest detail. Neo Spiro Team, using technological facilities advises on the technologies selection and identifies design weaknesses.
how do we work?

Project & prototype

The first step to implementing your idea is the work of a design office. Working with a piece of paper and a pencil, then transferring the project to computer programs. The next step is to make a prototype and re-check the design assumptions.
how do we work?


After prototyping and discussing the product that has been successfully deployed into production. From this point we can talk about the product ready to sell. We can also take cara about packing and logistics.

We work with some notable brands:
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